Choose which income strategies are right for you!Evan Hennessy, Vice President/Investments, Stifel, Carlsbad, California, Financial Advisor

  • Tax-exempt income through Stifel, the nation's #1 municipal bond underwriter.1
  • Blue-chip rising dividend strategies that may help increase your income.2
  • Income strategies, through annuities, designed to help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle.3     
  • Guidance with your 401(k) allocation, retirement income planning, and traditional and Roth IRAs.


1 Source: Thomson Reuters SDC, 2021, ranked by number of issues, negotiated transactions only. Income from municipal bonds may be subject to state and alternative minimum taxes, and capital gains tax may apply if bonds are sold prior to maturity.  When investing in bonds, it is important to note that as interest rates rise, bond prices will fall.

2 There is no guarantee that companies will raise their dividend.  Changes in market conditions or a company's financial condition may impact a company's ability to continue to pay dividends, and companies may also choose to discontinue dividend payments.

3 Annuities are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency.  Withdrawals prior to the end of the guaranteed period are subject to a surrender charge and market value adjustment.  Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.